A South Dakota Sunset. Justin had sent us this picture his first season in Vermillion.

“How did you start, where did you begin?” A question that I have been asked recently about what was the prompt four years ago to start wri...

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Where It All Began…


I teased out the interloping saplings from the glossy canes of the Zephirine rose in the hedge, the sapling shoots already stubborn and strong resiste...

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“I Forgive You”


Dear Friends, Your encouraging words and unconditional love and support for my writing gave me the courage to submit a piece to a most wonderful site ...

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Riding the Grief Wave

Every Creature

I am still pondering the Gospel reading from Ascension Thursday or Ascension Sunday – depending on where you live, if you think that is goofy, i...

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Demons, Snakes, and Poison


I worked in the rose hedge today Justin, more like I cried in the rose hedge today. The Zephirine Drouhins are so beautiful this year, we lost quite a...

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A Visit with the North Wind


May 31, 2014 we cancelled cable television. The minute Doug made the call I felt a curious sense of liberation. We were never intense watchers of TV, ...

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The Year Without Cable TV