I sat on the April chilled hardwood floor, clusters of pet fur swirling around me and opened the bookcase doors. The box that held the flurry of paper...

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The Wallet


“It’s a boy! Congratulations you have a son! A quick intake of breath, silence, and then a baby’s cry. Joyful tears flowed, the pain...

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A Field of Thistle


Messy March. Mud. So much mud. Brief sunny days and then a span of days encased in cold mud. I always breath easier the last day of March, Justin̵...

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March Coffee


Dear Friends, I am honored to be featured on the Mudroom today. The Mudroom has become my safe place to sit and listen to stories of wrestling with fa...

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Sitting on the Fringe

Blood-Orange Infused Olive Oil Cake

February lasted all of 30 seconds, even with the extra day. My favorite part of February are the last days when the light starts to change. I can glan...

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February Coffee


My eye was drawn to her eye, I recognized the deep sorrow and her reluctance to being captured and painted. I looked to her mate, his beak gently rest...

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Painting the Shame