Dear God, At times we are unfriended and don’t even realize it until we miss seeing someone’s posts in our feed. As we have been in a rela...

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Unfriending God


January. A deep cleansing breath, the holidays were over and I could just sink into the dear month of January. The month of discovering that the lumps...

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January Coffee


Ubiquitous? I have to stop and think how to spell it. Every time. Ubiquitous does not lend itself to enchanting landscape photos, bright balloons, or ...

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Ubiquitous. One Word 365.

Chocolate Crinkle

I sit tapping keys, a torrent of words try to get through the tight wall I have built since June of this year. I weigh and measure each word, each tho...

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December Coffee

10 Grain Bread

I feel like I just visited with you over October coffee, where did November go? I wanted to hold on to November, the deep blue skies and the brilliant...

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November Coffee